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A Rapid Development Facility for Global Ocean Technology 

Located on a Deep-Water Port in Bermuda


Station B is a modern rapid development facility for global blue-technology that accelerates and de-risks innovation by removing costly and inefficient ship operations from the development cycle.

Housed in high-bay warehouses at a deep-water port with immediate access to coral reefs and the open ocean (<30 minutes to 1000m, <1 hour to 3000m+), Station B features cutting-edge facilities for mechanical, electrical, and optical rapid prototyping, as well as open warehouse space available for clients to station their own containerized assets or precision equipment. Structured as a Bermuda-based non-profit, Station B offers these facilities to Blue-Industrial, Oceanographic, Governmental, and NGO partners as a turn-key solution for rapidly developing ocean tech – a development home-away-from-home where users can station development teams for days, weeks, or months at a time.


The value proposition of Station B is simple. Users of Station B can deploy their technology in the morning, come back to the facility and modify their prototypes in the shop, and deploy again that same day, day-in day-out.  Meanwhile, Bermuda’s modern infrastructure and proximity to the US East Coast mean that people and parts can be quickly brought to the station as needed -- deliveries from McMaster-Carr, Digikey, etc, can be sent by next-day or two-day air, and regular direct flights connect Bermuda to major innovation centers along the eastern seaboard. Together with Station B’s turn-key fabrication facilities, this means that development and iteration can proceed as fast on-site as back at the home office.  By eliminating the cost, delay, and constraints of ship-based testing while providing industrial-grade on-site development facilities, Station B changes what is possible for its users.  

In addition to the physical facilities, Station B also provides a host of local services: access to experts with deep understanding of the local ecosystem, geography, conditions; scientific and engineering expertise to aid in the design and execution of deployments, testing, fabrication, and data collection; and housing, transportation, and catering services to support visiting teams.


In exchange for these services, users of Station B support its operations through use-fees which can be an order of magnitude lower than typical ship-based deployment costs.  Practical issues like customs exemptions, work permits, permits for testing in protected waters, etc., are handled transparently by Station B in close collaboration with the Bermuda Government and relevant Ministries.

Station B opened with our first user deployments in February - March 2021.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are ramping up operations gradually, and are now taking reservations for Summer 2021 and beyond.

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Allan Adams

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Co-Founder and Board Chair


Jean-Pierre Rouja

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Co-Founder and Executive Director


Facility: Freeport Dr,

Sandys, Bermuda

Office: 19 Queen St,

Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 11



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